Sainsbury 4-year PhD studentship in Plant Science: Control, evolution and manipulation of multicellular hair development



Supervisor: Prof Andrew Hudson andrew.hudson@ed.ac.uk

We have the opportunity to nominate a student to compete for a four-year enhanced Sainsbury postgraduate studentship.



Multicellular hairs (trichomes) are important for protecting plants from herbivores and abiotic stress are the source of useful compounds, including pharmaeuticals and flavours.  This project builds on recent identification of the Hairy gene, which underlies natural variation in hairiness between Antirrhinum species.

Combining genetics and genomics approaches in Antirrhinum species and tomato with the study of natural populations, this project is an opportunity to understand how multicellular hair development is controlled, how it regulation evolved, and the costs and benefits of producing hairs.  It will not only increase understanding of hair development and its evolution but also develop tools to alter hair production for crop improvement.

Please contact andrew.hudson@ed.ac.uk for further details of the project and how to apply.  The closing date for applications is 20 January 2017.